Top 8 Advantages & Benefits Of LED Lighting

Top 8 Advantages & Benefits of LED Lighting

A customer who recently visited our shop inquired about the benefits and advantages of LED lighting. He felt he wasn’t getting much from his traditional lights, and had an interest in other forms of lighting.

He had heard LED lighting was the way to go, but wasn’t sure of the advantages and benefits they provided. He waned to know the advantages & benefits of LED lighting, and how they compared to traditional lighting sources. I decided to take the time to cover this in detail today.

If you’ve been using lights for any fixture in your home, it’s possible you have heard of all the benefits of LED lighting. If not, sit tight. You’re about to find out why you need to be using LED lights.

The Growth Of LED Lights

By now, you may be well aware traditional lighting is quickly becoming out dated. LED lighting has surged in the past 10 years, having made their way into many industries, such as entertainment, industrial, commercial, residential applications, and even becoming the standard lighting for traffic lights across the nation.

Compared to traditional lighting, the benefits of LED Lighting (Light Emitting Diode) include fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, high intensity discharge, and more. Compared to other light bulbs, and even those that are energy saving, LED lighting benefits make them by far the most powerful and smart solution:

Top 8 Advantages & Benefits of LED lighting Quick Overview:

8. Operational In Hot And Cold Temperatures

LED lights are fully functional in both the extreme cold and heat. This makes them a much better option than traditional lights for areas such as freezer’s, jacuzzi’s, and refrigerator’s.

7. Low Operating Temperature (Safe To Touch)

Traditional light bulbs can become very hot. This becomes an issue when changing a bulb or when small children are who may want to touch the bulbs. LED lights have low operating temperature’s, making them safer for changing and touching.

6. Size

LED lights can be made much smaller than traditional lighting sources. This is what has made the compact screen size of LED TV’s possible.

5. Durable Quality

A great advantage and benefit of LED lights are that they’re built to last. They can withstand extreme weather, vandalism, scratches, and much more.

4. Design Flexibility

Due to the nature of the size, LED lights ave tremendous lighting flexibility. They can be used for shower heads, faucet’s, and jacuzzi lighting.

3. Energy Efficiency Saves Money

LED lights use around 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs and last 25 times longer. This means a cheaper energy bill for you.

2. Ecologically Friendly

While traditional light bulbs can contain toxic chemicals such as mercury, LED Lights are toxic free. This makes them the environmentally friendly choice.

 1. Long Lasting Life

While traditional lightbulbs only last 4,000-10,000 hours, LED Lights can last up to 50,000 hours. Over 5x the life span. This means your LED lights can easily last for over 20 years, as opposed to traditional lighting which must be changed every several years.

Top 8 Advantages & Benefits of LED Lighting In Detail

8. Operational In Hot And Cold Temperatures

Benefits Of LED Lighting

While most lights don’t function well in hot or cold weather, resulting in dimming or deteriorating from extreme temperatures, TylerLight LED lights are fully functional.

Traditional lights are not made to function in items such as jacuzzi’s, hot tub’s, freezer’s, and other extreme temperature items. They would either never light or break. This is one of the thing’s that makes LED Lights great.

LED lights are created to function in extreme weather. This makes them the ideal lighting choice for the outdoors during the winter and and home items with more extreme temperatures such as hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, and freezer’s.

7. Low Operating Temperature (Safe To Touch)


Imagine this, it’s a breezy Saturday afternoon, and you decide it’s a great time to change your lightbulb. Maybe it’s time has come or maybe you bought some new light bulbs (hopefully LED). The light was running earlier, but it’s been off long enough, so you assume it’s alright to unscrew.

You place your hand on the light bulb, and next thing you know, your hand is burning. You immediately rush to the faucet and place your hand under cool water, but the damage has been done.

 Needless to say, things happen in life, but being burned while unscrewing a lightbulb should not be one of these things.

Traditional and incandescent light bulbs can be very hot, leading to a number of safety issues with installation, uninstalling, or children touching them. Aside from withstanding extreme temperature’s, TylerLight LED Light’s run at a very low temperature, generate almost no heat, and are cool to the touch, even if left on for hours. making them safe to touch. 

This makes them:

  • Safer to handle during installations.
  • Safe To Touch
  • Children friendly.

Lower operating temperature’s also means that LEDs can be found in areas that other traditional lighting sources can’t handle. Places such as refrigerators, freezers, TVs (backlight), cell phones, other small electronic devices, and much more are ideal for LED Lighting.

6. Size

Benefits Of LED Lighting

(Photo Credit: Windy City Lights)

Size matters. 

One of the great benefits of LED lighting is being a much slimmer size than traditional lighting sources. LEDs can be as small as only 8mm wide (common LED). This allows LED light sources to fit into areas that traditional lighting never could. With the larger size of incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent all being of larger sizes, lighting in tight spaces in much more challenging compared to the slim size of LED lights.

A great example of this is the LED backlighting in flat screen TVs. If it weren’t for LED lighting, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy those slim fitting TVs that have come out in the past decade. This is especially important if you need to replace bulbs in an item such as a tv or need lighting for a smaller area. LED light’s are your go to bulb.

5. Durable Quality

Benefits Of LED Lighting

(Photo Credit: G.B.E)

As mentioned with our LED Lighting lines, LED lights are highly durable. They are built to last and made tough.

If you’ve ever had outdoor lights, chances are you’ve encountered the frustrating experience of having your lights damaged by weather, scratching, or vandalism. It’s frustrating to say the least, and a major inconvenience for both your time and wallet. LED lights are designed to withstand whatever plans mother nature has to sabotage you’re outdoor lighting.

LED Lights are designed to withstand the roughest of conditions, such as:

  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Vandalism
  • Scratching
  • Severe weather

While many people change lights up to several times a year due to damage from weather, LED lights are able to withstand sever conditions, and last for years. This saves you both time and money. This is highly beneficial if you plan on using LED lights outdoors, such as on a patio, pool deck, or other outdoor structure’s.


4. Design Flexibility

Benefits Of LED Lighting






As you can see in our Aura LED product line, LED lights can change colors, have colors dimmed, be controlled via remote, and are available in a variety of awesome designs, such as the LED shower shown above. (Be sure to check out our exclusive line of LED Furniture.)

This is especially cool for items like the LED shower, LED faucets that change color based on temperature, or our soon to be featured LED furniture.

With the dynamic control of light, color, and distribution, this gives you the power to adjust colors and dimming to your liking. If using well designed LED, you can achieve extraordinary lighting effects that will not be great for viewing, but for the mood, atmosphere and mind.


3. Energy Efficiency Saves Money

If you like saving money, TylerLight LED Lights are for you.

Most of our customer’s who buy lighting for the their homes consider this the greatest benefit of LED Lights. The energy efficiency of LED Lights let you save tremendous amounts on your electric bills. According to The Department Of Energy, LED lights use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than traditional lighting. This means less energy costs for you, and less costs on purchasing new light bulb’s with a longer lasting life.


Let’s get technical for a minute.


Currently, traditional light bulbs run at 20% efficiency. This means 20% of the energy is converted to light, while nearly 80% is lost as heat. LED Lights however, run at an energy efficiency of 80-90%, the total opposite of traditional lighting. Unlike traditional lighting sources, nearly all the energy used by LED’s goes toward light, reducing the amount of wasted energy.

To give an idea of how great of an impact this can have on your housing bill, imagine if you’re current electric bill is $100. If using traditional lighting, $80 of your hard earned money has been used to heat your room, not as actual light. If switched to LED Lighting, regardless of what your current electrical bill is, you would cut it down by up to 80%.


2. Ecologically Friendly

Benefits Of LED Lighting


(Photo Credit: SEPCO)

Everyone these days is paying more attention to the environment and keeping things green. If you’re one of these people, you’ll find that another one of the tremendous advantages & benefits of LED lighting is its environmentally friendly function.While many lightbulbs carry various toxic chemicals such as mercury, which are harmful for the environment, LED lights are toxic free. 


For those unfamiliar with the danger mercury poses, it is a highly toxic chemical. If recycled and handled properly, it doesn’t pose much of a threat. However, if a fluorescent bulb breaks in your home, the toxic chemicals inside the bulb will be released.


As stated in an article from the Scientific American,

Mercury escapes as vapor that can be inhaled and as a fine powder that can settle into carpet and other textiles. At least one case of mercury poisoning has been linked to fluorescents: A 1987 article inPediatrics describes a 23-month-old who suffered weight loss and severe rashes after a carton of eight-foot (2.4-meter) tubular bulbs broke in a play area.”

The article cites one household who had the Department of Environmental Protection come to their home after a fluorescent bulb broke for decontamination.

Now granted, you may not always have the state come and decontaminate your home, as most of these messes can be cleaned up with household goods, but why deal with this? Purchasing LED lights gives you the assurance that you’re not only helping the environment, but yourself as well.

Along with containing no toxic materials, LED Lighting benefits include being 100% recyclable, and will cut your carbon footprint by up to one third.

 1. Long Lasting Life



(Photo Credit: HLE)

The long life span of LED lighting is what we consider to be one of the greatest advantages & benefits of led lighting.


Traditional lightbulbs have an average life of only 4,000-10,000 hours. LED Lights are the one of the longest lasting lightbulbs on the market, with an operational life span of up to 50,000 hours. Over 5 times as long as traditional lightbulbs. This also makes them excellent choices for event lighting.

How long a 50,000 hour LED bulb will last you?

If left running constantly: 11 years

If used at 50% operation: 22 years

If left on for  the average of 8 hours per day, you could go well over 20 years before having to replace the LED bulb.  This means your LED light could very well out last the time you use them. That means none of the hassle of dealing with changing bulbs, burnt out bulbs, or the other inconveniences traditional lighting brings. LED lights make your life easy. 

Advantages & Benefits of LED Lighting Recap

1. Long Lasting Life

2. Ecologically Friendly 

3. Energy Efficient/ Saves Money

4. Design Flexibility 

5. Durable Quality 

6. Size

7. Low Operating Temperature (Safe To Touch)

8. Operational In Hot And Cold Weather 

LED Lights are your go to light on the market. Whether you’re interested in using them for home lighting, enhancing your lighting at a restaurant, club, or special item in your home, our TylerLight LED Lights provide by the far the greatest benefits.

The benefits of LED Lighting will provide you with a long lasting, durable, and highly efficient lighting source that saves time, money, and hassle. If you haven’t upgraded from your traditional lighting sources, nows the time.

Ready to reap the benefits of LED Lighting? 

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