Aura LED Lights: Why They Are A Must Have

Aura LED Lights: Why They Are A Must Have

AuraThe distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place: (Oxford dictionaries)

The next big thing in event lighting is our top of the line Aura LED lights. As you read in the quote, Aura’s are what provide a distinctive atmosphere or quality, and the best way to provide this at your next event is through our Aura LED Shapes.

Eco friendly and special in quality, Aura lights bring a distinct feel for any event. Derived from Greek mythology, Aura stands for “divine personification of the breeze”. This is the cool, magnetic atmosphere provided by these magnificent lights. Below you can see the uniqueness and rare lighting quality that our Aura Lights provide.

Why Aura Lights?

Here at Tyler Light’s, located in Central Florida, we believe lighting is more than just an extra at your event, we believe lighting can make or break the feel of an event, and Aura lighting is what makes your event. Similar to a high-end car, Aura LED lighting provides a certain air of prestige that adds a rare and unique quality to your event.

They are not only great for event lighting, but for your mind and mood. While most LED lights are set in color, and simply emit light, these LED shapes emit an actual “aura”, are internally lit with color changing LEDs, and come in a variety of shapes, including the egg, sphere, and cube.

Features And Benefits: The magic of Aura LED Lights

Corporate event’s, wedding’s reception lighting, and private parties are just a few of the events that will benefit from using these products; they integrate themselves seamlessly into weddings, corporate events, concerts, receptions, and more. All of them also have the benefits normal LED Lights provide. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits provided by Aura Lights.

Features of Aura LED lights include:

  • Waterproof
  • Very durable
  • Design Flexibility
  • Long lasting
  • Battery operated
  • Remote controlled
  • Induction charging (induction available on select models).

1. Waterproof

Aura LED Lights- Event Lighting- LED Wholesale- Aura LED Lights

The waterproof feature provides a great advantage for outdoor events or events with water. As the Aura’s can also float,you can place them in anything from a pool, pond, fountain, or any other water feature and enjoy! 

Our long time customer Jim from Orlando, Florida was telling us how he loves to use them in his pool for his home. Rather than using the lights on his deck, he keeps those off, and uses them instead to create an aesthetic lighting effect around his pool. 

Even the screws for the bottom cap are stainless steel, so there is no risk of damage to any feature of our Aura Led Lights. 

2. Durability

All Aura LED lights are very durable and built with sturdy components that can withstand the roughest of conditions. This includes wind, rain, and some forms of external vandalism. This is especially important if you use them outside like our good friend Jim. While it’s best to bring them inside if a storm or sever weather is coming, if they are left outside, they will be able to withstand the damages. 

In addition, our Aura LED Lights can resist falls of over 4 feet high dropped on concrete. This is especially important if they will be used at an event with children or where adults will be drinking. There have been stories of the Aura’s being dropped by curious children or inebriated adult’s. Fortunately, the durability of these lights keeps them protected, and ensures no damage costs will occur.

All electronics and battery compartment holder are protected within the Aura as well.

3. Design Flexibility

TylerLight Aura LED Lighting Services

Our Aura Lights are designed to produce highly efficient illumination. They can either be set to maximum illumination, emitting an incredible auric atmosphere, or dimmed down to create a more mellow, low key atmosphere.

This gives you flexibility to set the mood for any event with these lights.

Having an upbeat party? Set the lights to high and radiate the mood!

Having a low key event? Dim the lights down.

They are flexible in color, which can be easily changed with the remote control. This brings us to our next point:

4. Remote Controlled

Aura Remotes

Aura LED Remote

All Auras include remote controls, which come with 20 preset colors, fades, and color chases. With access to your Aura from over 25 feet away, you can easily change colors, themes, or fades quickly, and easily, from nearly any location at your event or home.  All remotes will control all Auras, and sized to ensure they will fit easily in your pocket, allowing you to comfortable carry the remote around during the event.

One of our customer’s was telling us the convenience of our Aura LED Lights when he uses them for entertaining at his home. Rather than having to get up and change the colors or dimming, he can do it right from where he’s sitting. Comfort at its finest.

5. Scratch Resistant and Long Lasting

Since all our Aura LED lights have an opaque finish and hard shell, they are scratch resistant and long lasting. This is especially important as many times at events, scratches may occur to the lights, and you feel at ease knowing your lights are safe from small damages. After all, your event is about enjoying yourself and having a great time, the last thing you want is an extra expense for something as small as scratches.

For vendors, it goes without saying this means a longer lasting product for you as well. In regards to maintenance, all electronics can be replaced anytime, as well as the lithium-ion battery, making maintenance very easy and quick.

6. Battery Operated

Since the Auras lights are battery operated, this allows you to place them anywhere without the need for power requirements. This gives you the versatility to create vivid environments with ease. This also means you don’t have to deal with the hassle of chords and being limited to placing them near an electrical outlet.

You can easily place your Aura anywhere you choose, and move your Aura anywhere, anytime. move the Auras anywhere anytime. All Aura LED Lights include a high quality lithium ion battery, which is detachable and replaceable anytime. 

7. Induction Charging System Of Aura’s

Most Aura LED Light’s feature induction charging system which is what allows Auras to be waterproof. The induction charging plate and the induction charging zone in the Aura does not have any external metal parts. Power supplies included can receive 120volt or 240volt inputs (North American plug). All power adapters can unplug from all charging bases allowing you to be able to replace the charging cords anytime.

All current Cube Auras do not have induction charging. All chargers plug directly into the Cube Auras, and no charging plate is needed. All Auras charge in 6-8 hours, and will last over 6 hours on a full charge. Single color mode will last 8 hours on a full charge, fade programs or multicolor mode (color mixing) will last 5-6 hours on a full charge.

What Customer’s Say About Our Aura LED Lights

“Tyler and his crew were incredible! We purchased the Aura LED Light package for our wedding, and many of our guests were commenting on how great the lights were! It added a special something to our event, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you again!”

Sarah, Sanford Florida

“Tyler’s Aura led lights were great at our last corporate event. They added a lot to our event, and set a relaxing tone for our guest’s. we’re happy we chose to work with Tyler.”

Brad, Orlando Florida

“The Aura’s made a huge difference! With the remote access, it was easy to adjust them and see our guest’s watch in awe.

Vanessa, Fort Lauderdale Florida

“Love the Aura LED Lights! Put them in my pool and no one can stop talking about them. They look incredible reflecting off the water. Many thanks!”

Jim, Orlando, Florida

Inquiries on Aura LED Lights

Inquire about our Aura Box, which can hold 20 Aura 14” Spheres. This allows the user to easily move large amounts of Auras around the event space, making for quick and easy installation. The Aura LED Lights can all charge via inside receptacles inside the Aura Box, making charging large amounts of Auras a breeze. Currently, we have several Aura shapes available. With more to come!

Aura Sphere

Aura Sphere comes in 10” or 14” diameters.


Aura LED Lights- Aura LED Sphere
Aura LED Sphere
Aura LED Lights- Aura LED Lighting
Aura LED Sphere

Aura Cube

Aura Cube (non induction only) comes in 12” and 16”.

TylerLight Aura LED Lighting
Aura LED Cube
Aura LED Cube
Aura LED Cube

Aura Egg

TylerLight Aura LED Lighting
Aura LED Egg
Aura LED Egg
Aura LED Egg

Aura Egg comes in 12”.

For more information on our “Aura LED Light’s” line at your next party, wedding, or event in central florida area, including Orlando, Sanford, Kissimmee, and Tampa Baycontact us today for more information and your free quote. 

Home or Office

Click here to purchase our Aura LED Lights for your home or office.

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