Benefits Of LED Lighting In Events

Benefits Of Using LED Lighting in Lighting Events

It’s amazing to see how the lighting industry has progressed from conventional lighting to LED lighting. If you read our article “Benefits of LED Lighting”, you already know this progression has been a direct result from all the benefits LED lighting has to offer.

While we covered the general benefits of LED lights and how they will benefit your home, today we’ll focus on how LED Lights will benefit your event specifically, including event lighting, wedding lighting, reception lighting, stage lighting, corporate event lighting, and private parties.

LEDs in entertainment offer significant advantages over conventional lighting sources. They are much more efficient, longer lasting, improved efficacy, nearly maintenance free and operate at a much cooler temperatures.

Let’s go into detail about why conventional lighting is a disadvantage compared to LED lighting. 

1. Color Control

Benefits of LED Lighting

Unlike LED lights, conventional lighting sources cannot be color controlled from a remote or changed easily. Let’s compare how you change color’s with conventional lighting to LED Lighting…

Conventional Lighting Source

Conventional lighting must be manually colored with gels, which are colored sheets of high temperature rated plastic that is translucent. This colored sheet filters out all colors besides the one used to pass through it, and the result is the color of the specific color on the sheet that is shining from the light source.

A lighting designer must design the lighting and choose exactly what color gels need to be ordered, cut, and installed into each lighting fixture in the lighting rig. If the order is the wrong size, it has to be placed again, and the process is repeated.

If a lighting designer is not available, then the event lighting team will have to add the gel themselves. This takes time and is essential to most or all stage shows, corporate events, theater, musicals, and more.

Colored LED’s

Using TylerLight LED’s, the color can be changed instantly, even with a remote.

No gel has to be ordered beforehand, and decisions can be made on the fly using LEDs to decide the color. LEDs can be colored with traditional additive color mixing of red, green, and blue. This color mixing allows the fixture that houses the LEDs and sometimes lenses them to change color in an instant.

Much easier right?

LED sources can change colors very quickly as well. If your event calls for color changing areas and/or strobing effects, Uplighting that uses LED lights is your ideal choice. The traditional way of placing gels on conventional lighting sources doesn’t allow to practically change colors during the event, everything must be determined before the event starts.

2. Heat Reduction


Not only are TylerLight LEDs good for changing colors, but heat reduction remains as one of the top benefits. Conventional lighting sources tend to get so hot they can actually burn your hand without gloves. The last thing you want to deal with at your event is someone burning their hand, on a lightbulb of all things.

LEDs only get to about 100 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit at their max. While that can burn if held on for a long time, it is cool enough to touch without gloves briefly. A much safer choice.

This is also important if you’re having an event with children, such as at a wedding, private party, or reception lighting event. 

Children may often times feel inclined to touch one of the lights if they are within reaching distance, such as Uplighting or the our Aura LED Lights, which are placed on tables, and even adult guests can’t help but touch. If a conventional light is used, it could lead to a burn. Fortunately, all of our uplights use LED Lighting, making your lighting safe and child friendly.

3. Energy Efficient


Unless you work in the lighting industry, you may not know conventional lighting sources run at only a 20% efficiency. This means nearly 80% of conventional lighting energy is wasted as heat, and not used for actual lighting. Led Lights are much more efficient.

LEDs run at an energy efficiency of 80-90%. This makes LED light’s more efficient. and use nearly all their energy for lighting, and not being wasted and lost as heat. This is especially important for events in Florida.

How does this affect your event?

If you’re having any event in Florida between March-October (and sometimes all year around), you know the AC in any venue is at full blast. With conventional lighting giving off heat, this means more AC is needed to keep the venue at a cool temperature.

Many venues charge premium prices to use their power for lighting. By using LEDs, you can significantly lower your power bill by reducing the amount of circuits used and heat produced. This will save you a substantial amount on your venue electric bill.

4. Environmentally Friendly


Conventional lighting sources carry various toxic chemicals, such as mercury, which are harmful to the environment. If not recycled properly, it damages the environment and releases toxic chemicals.

LED light’s are toxic free and a clean alternative. They are 100% recyclable, and will even cut your carbon footprint by up to one third.

While this may not personally effect your event, you can enjoy your event knowing you’re playing your part in keeping a clean environment.

5. Weight

LED fixtures tend to weigh much less than traditional lighting fixtures. Since LEDs produce less heat, more and more LED fixtures are now being made from high-impact plastics, which are light in weight. In addition, glass lenses are now being replaced with plastic lenses in LED lighting, since the lens is not being exposed to extreme heat. Traditional lighting fixtures tend to be made from steel and glass, very heavy materials.

Glass lenses in LED lights also are now being replaced with plastic lenses in LED fixtures, since the lens is not being exposed to the extreme heat of the traditional lighting source. This lightweight plastic material makes a difference when using a motor for placing lights placed near the ceiling. Lighter lights means a cheaper motor will be used, which equals cheaper costs.

In addition, the lighter weight is better for the setup and strike crew. Heavy fixtures can place a safety risk for techs dealing with the heavy fixtures by placing an undue burden on worker’s backs. Lighter weights means an easier set up, and no potential hazards with the set up crew from heavy weights.

6. Trucking

Trucking and transportation are a huge cost factor in any event lighting production. In the rental market, trucking and transportation must be factored into every single budget. LED fixtures can reduce the space requirements in trucking, saving you money on costs in the process.

For example, a traditional lighting source may only be capable of a single type of light, such as a wash, gobo, or beam. This means in order to have each of these lights, 3 different lights would be required for transportation. This takes up much space and adds additional costs. Using LED Lights, you can have the benefits of all 3 lights in one, saving you money in the process. 

A great example of this is our brand new Martin Mac Aura. This fixture is not only lightweight, but can beam both a beam and wash fixture, two very popular lighting choices for events.

TylerLight LED Event lighting upgrades 12-26-2014
Martin MAC Aura


Today’s LED fixtures are capable of multiple functions, and can easily perform the function of all 3 lights, saving time setting up, and space in the truck. This means a cheaper cost for transportation, and a cleaner look with lighting at your event.


7. Life Span


LEDs are longer lasting than conventional lighting sources. They last about 50,000 hours, perhaps longer in some scenarios. The key to the long lasting life span of LED is how well the LED chips are cooled. Conventional lighting sources may last only 5,000 to 20,000 hours at most.

How does this effect your event?

Rarely, but on occasion, some traditional lighting sources can “burn out” during the event, after all the time and cost of putting together your event lighting, a burned light is not what you want. LEDs have a very long life expectancy, more than 50,000 hours.

You may be wondering, “Well TylerLight, what if LED’s are getting close to their 50,000 hour and burn out?”.

Great question. LEDs don’t just “burn out” like conventional lighting sources do. They begin to dim before burning out, giving a strong indication before your event that they need to be replaced.

Wrapping Up: Benefits of LED Lighting at Events

With all the obvious benefits of LED light’s over conventional lighting, it is obvious to see why LEDs lights should be used at your events. The good news is, regardless of which type of event lighting you choose with TylerLight, including Uplighting, String Lighting, Aura LED Light’s, or inflatable’s, all use LED Light’s.

Next time you use TylerLight for your event, including corporate event’s private parties, wedding lighting, or reception lighting, be sure to ask about our LED lights.

If you’re located in Florida, including Orlando, Tampa Bay, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami and are seeking event lighting for your next event, give us a call today at 407-240-6793, or fill out our easy to use contact form. 

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