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We had the pleasure of recently working with EY, a fortune 500 accounting firm. The event went tremendously well, and we are particularly proud of the event lighting used for this corporate event.

The event was held in Boca Raton Florida, at the Boca Raton Resort, a Waldorf Astoria resort. We had the great opportunity to set up our event lighting designs in a very large area, both indoor, and outdoor.

We used a variety of lights for this event, including Airstar Crystals, Aura LED Lighting, Battery LED Uplights, and banner lights. What made this event particularly exciting, was outside of the event was a yacht for the clients, and we had the opportunity to set up unique string lighting leading to the yacht.

Indoor Dining Room: Aura LED Lighting, Air Stair Inflatable Lighting, Uplighting

Inside of the event, we set up our frequently requested Aura Led Cubes and Aura LED spheres at the tables. These provided a soothing lighting for the guests at their tables. We placed red and purple uplighting along the walls, as well as gobo lights that placed lights along the ceiling. The yellow air spheres also complimented the room well. Air units are also available in stars.


Guest Hallway: Uplighting

In the guest hallway, we placed deep orange uplights, creating a more mellow and relaxed feel to the room. We were sure to adjust the uplighting color in this room from the others to ensure it had its own unique and separate feel.


Yacht Lighting: String Lighting and Uplighting

Leading up the yacht, we had the idea of setting up high voltage string lights along the pathway. String lighting always works great with any event, as they can be used to light walkways, buffets, or other areas that hold a particular important aspect to an event.

It’s key to note without the string lighting along this pathway, the entire area would have been dark, making it difficult for guests to walk toward the yacht. In areas such as Boca Raton, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, yachts tend to be of more common use, as both cities are located near the beach.

Along the yacht, we decided to place blue and purple uplights, following the theme of purple and blue uplighting throughout the event.


Outdoor Area Lighting: Aura LED Lights, Uplighting.

In the outdoor area, we again set up our Aura LED cubes and spheres  at each table, using a variety of colors, including red, green, ands blue. A pool was in the outdoor area, and complimented the lights very well, reflecting the lights off of the water.



Indoor Main Hallway Lighting: Purple Uplights 

This room came out particularly well. We placed purple uplights throughout the area, using a variety of different shades of purple. Prior to our lighting, the room was a very bland white. As you can see, the lights transformed the entire room. Uplights work great for rooms with high ceilings, as they are designed to extend their lighting upward, hence the name.

Be sure to contact us about our uplighting for your next event.


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