LED Tape Installation

LED Tape Installation

Lighting up the yellow band in this news desk was a great project to showcase how LED Tape can be easily installed just about anywhere on nearly any surface. The yellow band on the front of the news desk is sunk in, creating a 4 inch high, 4 inch deep yellow sunk in lip around the entire front of the desk.

The lip was illuminated by warm white LED Tape (30 pcs of 3528 a meter) that was mounted on the top of the lip facing down, in the center of the top ridge. The 3528 LEDs cast out light in a 120 degree pattern, so it was no issue for plenty of light to spill on the back of the lip. As far as the resolution goes, the 30 pcs of 3528 LEDs per meter were close enough not to create gaps in the light between each LED, which can occur if the lit surface is close enough to the LEDs themselves.

Since the LED Tape was facing down, and the lip was well below the standard eye-view level, nobody would be able to see that any lights or LED Tape even exists within the set! This project of adding lighting to the TV Set only took about 40 minutes of work, including mounting and installing the power supply, and soldering the LED Tape to the 12 volt 22 awg wires leading the the output DC power on the power supply. It was well worth the effort, and even looked great on TV!

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