Our Air filled Products are flexible and will add a lot of character to your events.
With a variety of Air filled Products we provide the best quality and selections for your event.
Our Air filled Products include cones,spheres,stars and cylinders. 

Our inflatable shapes that have an LED light source allow you to 
change the color of the shape at anytime. The only exception is the star its compact fluorescent (CFL) and must be colored with gels.

All items are based on a one day or week rental rate.







Reaching over 6 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide at the base, this unit adds excitement to your event with it's unique look. Comes with an RGB LED par that can be preset to any color you wish, or can fade through colors fast, slow, or in between, or can be DMX controlled. The fan system is adjustable, to allow for noise control in inside settings where you wouldn't need a full force fan (no wind). This unit cannot be branded.












The sphere stands tall at 5.2 feet wide atop a tripod that is disguised in a black drape. It can be adjusted up to 16.4' (5 meters) tall and comes with either (2) 1000 watt lamps or (2) 500 watt lamps (both must be used) @120v.
The sphere can be colored Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Violet, and Pink.
May also be branded with logos, shapes, or text.













The star is a very unique piece in that it provides ambient light for your event, and also fills huge voids of ballroom or other large spaces with character. It inflates from tip to tip 6' wide and uses a large 300 watt compact 
fluorescent lamp (CFL). Heights from the hang points can be adjusted easily with the provided chain that includes carabiners. Colors are made from transferring the 5000K lamps to the desired color by gels. 
Any heat resistant gel will work to color the lamp. This unit cannot be branded.











The cylinder shapes are great for bookending set pieces, adding height to a room, or directing traffic through branded cylinders. Two models are available, 8' or 17' (including the base).
The 8' model base is interchageable with the cone base described above and is 2.5' wide. The 17' model's base is 2.62 feet wide. Only the 17' cylinder is able to be branded. The units are lit and colored with an RGB LED par which allows you to have full control of the color. The par can be preset, fade, flashing, or DMX controlled.