String Lighting


String lighting is a great way to quickly and efficiently make your event space bright. they add a special touch 
to any event whether outdoor or indoor they will add a tremendous amount of value and attractiveness. to any venue. Here at TYLERLIGHT, we offer a variety of string lighting designs and use high quality commercial grade incandescent
bulbs that are 2' spaced apart on a black cord. The string lighting comes a complete turnkey service
including poles, sandbags, fabric, and of course, the string lighting and bulbs with install and labor. Poles can be wrapped in a variety of colors, including white, brown, black, green, yellow, blue, red or even multicolor.
If you prefer not to wrap the poles, all TYLERLIGHT equipment is painted in either a flat back  or silver nvein
powder coat finish. Poles are typically spaced 25'-30' apart, and are 10' tall. At the lowest point, the bulbs may drop to 9' off the ground
giving plenty of space between the lights and your event. This also creates the reminiscent string lighting look.
Please book at least a week in advance, 
as string lighting may use several inventory items together to make the system work.