Our uplighting services can dramatically enhance the atmosphere of any venue. Uplighting is when lights are placed 
on the ground, and aimed to project light off walls, drapes etc. They make the perfect addition for any event.
We use the latest technology and wireless LED Uplighting that can achieve any color you can imagine.

We have the ability to turn an architectural structure from ordinary to astonishing. An ideal example is pillars.   While pillars may appear to be a hassle for event lighting, uplighting can dramatically turn them into a magnificentstructure we can also turn an average wall into a sight to be seen. Many clients have had uplighting placed along 
the perimeter of the venue creating a colorful effect. This has been an ideal selection for many of our clients.

We bring surfaces to life, brighten dark corners, and add a smooth ambience with our Uplighting, here at TylerLight
we want to ensure every event turns out great.This is why we always offer the highest quality of LED Uplighting.

We offer Uplights in multiples of six or eight, it's recommended to have uplighting every 8-12 ft.We suggest filling out our contact form located in the "contact us" button within our menu for a competitive quote.