Recent Project: TYLERLIGHT Color MIX LED Tape- MUST SEE!

As we start realizing all the new ways to utilize led lights in the world today, we become amazed at how many inspiring looks, feels, and smiles we make everyday with this relatively new solid state technology. As you may have in our recent post about the benefits of LED Lighting, LED Lights are becoming the top form of lighting with not only events, but for homes as well. 

TYLERLIGHT Color MIX LED Tape, used here on this global programs set pieces, represent some of the capabilities of what LED Lights are all about. 

Every LED on the tape is of pure quality, the tape is painted a neutral white to blend in with the set piece, the resistors are soldered well, and the adhesive backing is so tough, we had no qualms about the LED Tape disconnecting from the set pieces as they traveled up and down on the fly system during the evening several times.

The total linear length of the perimeter of the taller two panels was about 30 feet and the smaller two about 25 feet, each. Two rolls of the LED Tape were used per set piece, using one full roll, then using the next roll and cutting off the second roll wherever it may end.

The two rolls began at the top right corner, and the presoldered four conductor ends were then soldered to a 22/4 cable that went up into the fly system, connecting it a DMX decoder then to a 350 watt power supply.

The installation of the entire system took only about 2.5 hours, and the result was amazing!


(Set pieces glowing in the abyss, highlighted with Martin MAC 700 automated fixtures)

Everything we see around us in life can be highlighted with lighting. Comment on the TYLERLIGHT blog and create suggestions for all of us to use this fantastic technology everywhere!




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