Recent Project: RGB Led Tape One Of A Kind Display

It was a pleasure to present a wonderful set that thousands of executives complimented this December in an executive conference. It was a fully customized set that used over 900 linear feet of RGB LED Tape, fifteen DMX decoders, ten 350 watt power supplies, over 600 linear feet of 4 conductor cable, and a team of five busy people.

This set was one of a kind. It introduced RGB color mixing to the set that gave the lighting designer the ability to alter the color of the set piece to virtually an endless color palette. Each of the yellow “rows” or “channels” that you see in the picture was lined with RGB LED Tape, non waterproof, and it all worked flawlessly in unison. Even though the channels were painted yellow, and were yellow when the RGB LED Tape was on full output, it definitely changed colors completely in accordance with the color of the output of the LED Tape. If the LED Tape was emitting red only, all the yellow lines appeared red. Simply put, the output of the LED emitters were so strong and bright that it broke though the color of the set piece, and had the ability to change the yellow to deep reds, greens, blues, purples, or, whatever you can imagine!

The set was broken into six parts, and the stage and stage runner was broken into four parts. The sides of each screen were both two parts each, and the two opening doors upstage center were a section per door. Stage left and right were each a section, and stage runner left and stage runner right were two more sections. Every part where there is LED tape, there was a channel that was prebuilt into the scenery. This channel made it easy to install the LED tape, as well as hide the actual LEDs from view. The LED tape was facing upwards on the set pieces, and was facing downwards on the front lip of the stage. There were no LED tape runs that continuously ran longer than 16.4 feet or 5 meters. This can cause voltage drop so to avoid this a separate wire was run to each individual 16.4 feet or 5 meter LED tape run.

Each and every section had at least one DMX decoder and one 350 watt power supply. A four conductor 22 gauge wire was used to connect all low voltage devices (tape to the DMX decoder and from the DMX decoder to the power supply). It took over 600 feet of this four conductor wire to make this set light up. The sections were broken up with DMX decoders not only for power issues (since one DMX decoder can only handle 144 watts), but also so the lighting designer can have the ability to alter any one individual section color independent of the rest which further enhanced the overall look.

Although there were challenges along the way, the end result was sure to please. The ability to integrate the color palette of the set into the overall lighting design was a huge advantage to a similar design omitting integrated set lighting. Dramatic contrasts or compliments to the visual elements of the surrounding lighting make it very much eye catching. 



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