New Décor Options for String Lighting, Market Lighting, and Event Lighting

String lighting base and string lighting decor
String Light Base Box

New Décor Options for String Lighting, Market Lighting, and Event Lighting



TylerLight recently released a new décor item for our string lighting product. In addition to our great design we offer our clients for the poles, bases, and string lights themselves, we have now developed a 2’ x 2’ x 2’ box, in which hides each pole base that is used to hold up the string lights. This provides a great way to further enhance the string lighting product, making each pole base complete with a finished look. For now, we currently offer black matte boxes, but we will, in the near future, offer additional options in which the boxes can be designed with a client’s logo, a wood box print, brick pattern print, a stone print, and more.

As of now, the boxes are 4 sided, and fit neatly around each of our bases that are used to hold up pipes and truss up to 10.5’ tall, which are used to hold up the string lighting. The boxes feature clear corners, which conform to the color of the substrate underneath, making the box color and design appear uniform. Below is a photo depicting the black box filled with 6 – 1 gallon plants.

String Lighting Base



It is still recommended to add 6- 1 gallon plants or 3 to 4 – 3 gallon plants per box that is at least 30 inches tall from the base of the plant pot to the tip of the plants leaves on top. The plants fit directly inside the box, and finish off the box look nicely. Common plants that are recommended are red grasses and green grass, as well as others such as hibiscus and pines. Plant availability are subject to current season and supply, so please reserve your plants as soon as possible, at least one full week before your event.

These boxes provide another great benefit in addition to décor which is it provides an amazing safety benefit. The bases’ corners become much more visible, since they are not just an inch tall anymore, but are 2’ tall, and become much less of a trip hazard as well as keeping people away from the string light poles.

The new pricing will include an option for string lights with boxes, which includes plants, or an option without boxes and without plants. Please note that if you do not use the box design or plants, the default setup will consist only of duvetyn black fabric to cover the sandbags. In the coming months, the duvetyn option will be unavailable, and you will only be able to order boxes with or without plants.

We hope our commitment to a quality and safe product will continue to meet and exceed all of our client’s expectations. We are always continuing to update our product based on our own insight and especially from client feedback.

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