What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Your Event

What Type Of Event Lighting Is Best For Your Event

We recently received an email with a question from a client seeking event lighting and stage lighting in Orlando, FL for their up and coming event. They are a rising corporate company putting together their first event and wanted to make sure it was one to remember. Unsure of what type of event lighting and stage lighting would best suit their needs, they sought our expertise as to what lighting would be best for their event.

This is a very common question we’re asked when working with a client, especially when giving a free quote for our event lighting service:

“What type of event lighting should I use?”

“What type of event lighting is best for my event?”

“What’s the best event lighting we can use?”

“What is good lighting for my wedding”

“What is good event lighting for my corporate event?”

If you’re wondering this yourself, we decided to take some time and discuss this today. By the end of this article, you’ll have a greater understanding of what each type of lighting has to offer.

Before we cover these different types of lighting in detail, let’s first cover the value and importance of event lighting, ensuring you make the best decision possible.

Importance of Lighting At Your Event

How important is event lighting?

Very important.

Just as a DJ, band and photographer adds tremendous value to your event, the lighting at your event, as well as the professionalism of the company you hire, is just as important. Without proper or any lighting, the event, whether a private party, corporate event, or wedding, will feel as if something is missing.

The type of lighting at your event determines how your guests see the room. It provides, depth, ambiance, and gives every event that extra something that ties it all together. Lighting facilitates the big picture and keeps your guests and/or audience engaged.

Take for example, our recent corporate event in Boca Raton, Florida, before TylerLight event lighting was added.






As you can see, the lighting adds a whole new sense of atmosphere. Without the lighting, the event just appears…bland.

Getting Down To Business: Overview Of Event Lighting Option’s

In regards to your own event, there are many event lighting and stage lighting option’s to choose.

Currently, we offer a variety of professional lighting option’s for your event. Before we go into the details of each type of lighting, let’s first take a quick overview of the lighting option’s we currently provide.

Event Lighting Option’s:


Event Lighting And Stage Lighting- TylerLight Orlando, Florida Uplighting

String Lighting

TylerLight Miami,Florida String Lighting

Our exclusive Aura LED Lighting Line, (available for purchase in our store)

TylerLight Aura LED Lighting Services, Orlando Florida Event Lighting Services, Event Lighting Services Orlando Florida, LED Lighting Orlando Florida, Orlando Florida LED Lighting


TylerLight Central Florida Inflatables, South Florida Inflatables Orlando Inflatables, Tampa Bay Inflatables, Boca Raton Inflatables, Fort Lauderdale Inflatables, Miami Inflatables

Spotlight Lighting/Moving Lights

TylerLight Moving Lights- Event Lighting- Stage Lighting

Speciality And Custom Lighting Packages

TylerLight Unique Lighting Package Services, Orlando Florida Event Lighting Services, Event Lighting Services Orlando Florida


Event Lighting Option’s Up Close

Some forms of lighting are suited best for certain types of events. Here we will go into detail the types of lighting, and what events they will serve best, allowing you to make the best decision possible.

(Please note, many of these are available for viewing under our services tab on located on the top of our website).


Event Light And Stage Lighting-TylerLight Orlando, Florida Uplighting, Orlando Florida Event Lighting, Orlando Florida Wedding Lighting, Orlando Florida Wedding Lighting Services, Orlando Florida Event Lighting Services, Event Lighting Services Orlando Florida




Uplighting tends to be the most popular form of lighting, and works with nearly any event. Uplighting is when a light is placed on the ground, and shines upward, reflecting off the walls, drapes, or other objects.

Ideal For

We have worked nearly every event with uplighting, including stage lighting, wedding’s, reception lighting, corporate event’, and private parties. Uplighting is undoubtedly the most efficient way to change the mood of a room, or space, event outside.

The Details

By changing the colors of the walls (generally large walls in ballrooms), you alter the atmosphere of the space. Many clients choose to promote their company colors through the uplighting color scheme, providing a more memorable effect of their company logo.

Currently, TylerLight stocks a variety of uplights, including batten fixtures, par fixtures, and battery par fixtures. To determine the best option for your event, please inquire via the website, and let us handle the details!

String Lighting

TylerLight Miami, Florida String Lighting, Orlando Florida String Lighting, Orlando Florida Event Lighting, Orlando Florida Wedding Lighting



String Lighting is a quick and efficient way to brighten your event.

Ideal For

  • Wedding’s
  • Outdoor Event’s
  • Casual Affair’s
  • Reception Lighting
  • Corporate Event’s 

The Details

String lighting is ideal for an outdoor lighting setting, or a more casual affair, such as a corporate event or wedding. String lighting can come in a variety of setups and styles.

Currently, we offer “classic” and “vintage” bulb styles.

Classic comes with a clear 4” wide bulb and vintage comes with a clear elongated, dimmed bulb that has ultra-long filaments. The vintage string lights give a warm glow to the event space, and are suggested for décor purposes and enhancing the atmosphere, not as functional lighting.

Classic string lighting bulbs, however, offer plenty of functional lighting for your event space, brightening the event in a much classier manner. String lights may be arranged in several ways, such as a box type, V type, or spoke type. The most common two types are box and V.

String Lighting Design’s

Box-String Lighting

Box string lights generally are setup on four posts, in a square configuration, that surround a small area such as a food buffet. The box type is perfect for drawing attention to the event’s main attractions, such as a buffet, display table, or any major area of interest at your event.

V-String Lighting

V string lights criss cross over the event space, back and forth. This is a very standard style of lighting, and mainly used to provide a great amount of functional lighting.

Spoke Design

The spoke design is one of the more appealing designs. This design includes a tall post in the center of the event, with the string lights draped down on shorter posts lower than the center posts, creating a “tent” of string lights. This spoke design is best used in circular event spaces, and great for providing functional lighting.

Aura LED Lights


TylerLight Aura LED Lighting, LED Lighting Orlando Florida, Orlando Florida LED Lighting, Orlando Florida Event Lighting, Event Lighting Orlando Florida,



Our Aura LED Line is for when you want to add a little “extra” to your event. These are exclusive with TylerLight, and we take great pride in our Aura LED Light’s. Aura LED lights can be placed on a table, in water, or anywhere else.

Ideal For

  • Events With Table Lighting
  • Reception Lighting
  • Private Parties’
  • Outdoor Event’s
  • Themed Wedding’s 

The Details

LED Lights are always great for any event. Our Aura LED Lights been used at all events including wedding’s, corporate event’s, and private parties. Our Aura LED Lights are perfect when you are looking to add an extra “wow” effect to your event. Auras currently come in several shapes, such as cubes, spheres, and eggs. As they are LED’s, they also include all of the benefits of LED Lighting.

Each shape can be ordered in small, medium, or large sizes, and most include an induction charging system. The induction charging system allows the Aura LED Light to be completely waterproof, UV resistant, crush resistant, drop resistant, and dust-proof. Each Aura features an easily replaceable Lithium Ion battery, which will provide you with thousands of hours of lighting.

They are also available for purchase through our TylerLight store shop.tylerlight.com, and can make a great addition for any home or office. TylerLight currently has a select amount of Aura shapes and sizes available for rental, which


TylerLight Central Florida Inflatable Lighting, South Florida Inflatable Lighting, Orlando Inflatable Lighting, Tampa Bay Inflatable Lighting, Boca Raton Inflatable Lighting, Fort Lauderdale Inflatable Lighting, Miami Inflatable Lighting- Air Dancer, Orlando Florida Inflatable Lighting, Inflatable Lighting Orlando Florida



Inflatables are great if you want to add a little fun to your event.

Ideal For

  • Private Parties
  • Receptions

The Details

Our inflatables come in all shapes and sizes, including cones, sphere, star, cylinder, and our elusive air dancer

Our inflatables can contribute to just about any special event. Our Crystal sphere is a great way to add lots of functional light to your event. Crystal and Towair model inflatables can be branded. All inflatable shapes are internally lit with LEDs, with the exception of our Crystal 5’ sphere model, which includes an 1800w halogen fixture inside.

Spotlight Lighting/ Moving Lights

Spotlight Lighting- Event Lighting- Stage Lighting

If you’re having a wedding or corporate event, certain types of lighting such as spotlight lighting allows extra focus on the newly wed’s or an important speaker.

Moving lights are exactly as they sound: lights that move.

Moving lights are a great way to effectively add movement to your space. By adding a haze package in, the beams from the moving lights will also show, creating an entirely new level of lighting that everyone will be talking about during and after the event.

TylerLight currently has many models of moving lights available, so please inquire via the website to determine the best option for your event.

Specialty and Custom Lighting

These are our most popular and fun products. Custom lighting solutions is what we are known for, and what we provide in this arena are products that you have never seen in a traditional sense. Some current items available are the Ondulars, 3 neon rings suspended in space. The flame pole, 3 flame baskets hanging from a theme fire pole, and our lighted telephone poles featuring turn of the century details.

Please inquire via our website for your custom lighting solution, who know what will be next!

Wrapping Up: Types of Event Lighting To Use At Your Event

Overall, uplighting works no matter what the occasion. String lighting is great for more high end or exclusive events, whether you want to use them for their lighting, or our vintage line for décor. Aura LED Lights are great for enhancing the atmosphere and setting the mood. Inflatables are ideal for adding some fun to private parties and reception’s. If you want to really liven up the party, our specialty and custom lighting packages are the way to go.

Contact Us

Please contact us for your free quote for your event, whether a wedding, private party, or corporate event, and we will ensure you get the best possible event lighting and stage lighting, at the best possible price. As a courtesy reminder, please book as early as possible, as equipment and labor become reserved early.

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